We’re believers,believers in the potential of kimono.

We want you to cast off the image of kimono as wear for special occasions.
We want you to feel the thrill of kimono.
We want you to delight in the wonder of your beautiful silhouette.
We want you to adore kimono effortlessly in your everyday life.
We want kimono to shape your life in positive ways by raising your spirits.
We want you to experience the joy of life in Japan.
And we want to respect the originality of cultures around the world.
To this end, we continue our mission.

Changing the conventional image of kimono,
changing the conventional image of Japanese culture.
Using our network of regional producers,
we are striving to create a kimono movement that transcends existing concepts.

We’re nurturing a future abundant in beauty.
With trust built over our long history, we continue to push the boundaries of innovation.

We’re Yamato.
A company crafting kimono that bring dazzling dreams to life.