We believe in the infinite possibilities of kimonos.

We want you to forget the idea that kimonos are special Japanese clothing.
We want you to get excited by all the different possibilities.
We want you to enjoy the surprise of seeing a more beautiful you.
We want you to fall in love with kimonos as comfortable and easy daily wear.
We want you to feel passion rising and to color your life in new ways.
We want you to experience the sensation of life in Japan.
Let’s respect the uniqueness of each country in the world.

This is our challenge.
To change the conventional thinking about kimonos.
To change the common perception of Japanese culture.
Through our unique production network,
we are striving to launch a kimono movement that will transcend existing ideas.
And nurture a beautifully enriched future.

Throughout our long history, this has been our way.
To cultivate trust and push the boundaries of innovation.

We are Yamato.
The company that designs kimonos to bring dreams to life