T-MICHAEL Interview

Q. What is the characteristics of the concept of T-KIMONO next year?

For the next T-KIMONO collection, the spirit is the same as the previous seasons but with 3 directions. 2 of the directions are breaking barriers with their innovation. Iʼm working with two traditional cloths and blending them as one. Iʼm using Japanese Wool translated into Japanese denim.

Q. You and Yajima visited to Hamamatsu for a product development as a pic. How do you feel that short trip?

I’ve always been fascinated by ateliers, workshops and factories. Places where artisans practice their skills by tanagokoro. So any trip with Yajima San to visit artisans has been one of the highlights of my trips to Japan.
Making our way to Hamamatsu to visit the atelier where Chyusen dyeing is perfected was no exception. Obviously it didn’t fail to deliver!
The skills and precision of the workers was amazing! Quite magical really!
Now I’m inspired and working on the pattern and design to implement with this chyusen dyeing technique for our next T-KIMONO release.

Q. How was it characterized as a concept next year?

Iʼm always striving to find new solutions to old questions. And with so much bench marking going on it textiles at the moment it would be irresponsible not to look at these innovations that are also sustainable.

Q. What is the most important perspective of your creativity?

Itʼs all about the truth and substance. Taking traditional tailoring and blending it with contemporary styling in a conceptual way. The core of all this is to create or engineer products that nod to past traditions while engaging deeply with new solutions with honesty and truth as the catalyst.

Q. Why did you start the collaboration with Kimono?

The challenge of creating new traditions in an organic way. Ushering a revered garment, with so much history and tradition into contemporary times. Endeavouring to making it a staple in any mans wardrobe like a pair of jeans or a blazer, irrespective of nationality. At the same time keeping it unadulterated in order to be used as it was intended. Formalities. In simple terms appreciating the beauty of the kimono.

Q. If you could say any requests for Yamato, what would you like to say?

Their ability to follow the times as shown with the various Kimono collaborations initiated by Takayuki Yajima San, is vital to their continuous growth. These projects maintain their relevancy as well as enabling them to evolve by seducing the younger generation. More of those really!

Q. When do you feel a relaxed moment?

When Iʼm in sync with my thoughts either through connecting with people or working or being alone. Thoughts are powerful. Use them wisely.