suzusan x Kimono Yamato
Collaborative outer

"Classical yet modern,elegant yet cozy."
This collaborative piece is designed in DÜsseldorf and made in Arimatsu,
using traditional Japanese dyeing technique called Shibori.
With respect to tradition and craftsmanship,together we propose a transitional
approach to Kimono and Shibori.

Kimono Yamato met suzusan
at the exhibition held in Paris in January 2020.

At the exhibition visited by buyers from all over the world,
The brand suzusan introduced a Japanese traditional technique, “Arimatsu Narumi Shibori.”

suzusan is a globally recognized brand that preserves traditional techniques
and translates it into modern lifestyle items.

We, Kimono Yamato, respect traditional techniques and manufacture products in cooperation with producers.

We start a new monozukuri project together, with the shared goal.

Hiroyuki Murase, Creative Director of suzusan

suzusan is an Arimatsu Narumi Shibori brand launched in Düsseldorf, Germany in 2008. Its predecessor was Suzusan Shoten, a store that had made Arimatsu Narumi Shibori items for more than 400 years.
Hiroyuki Murase, Creative Director of suzusan, was born in the 5th generation of the family that had engaged in the production of shibori (Japanese manual tie-dying technique) items.
At first, he wanted to become an artist and moved to Europe. However, when he was away from Japan, he looked around the world and realized that the technique used in his family business was something extraordinary. At the same time, he realized that tradition would cease to exist if nothing was done.

Mr. Murase learned the shibori technique himself and revived suzusan as a 100% original brand by adding a modern touch to traditional Arimatsu Narumi Shibori.

Hiroyuki Murase, Creative Director of suzusan

― Creating products suitable for any lifestyle around the world while using Japan’s traditional technique ―

Every product is designed in Düsseldorf and made in Arimatsu, Nagoya. We use materials that are not usually used for shibori (such as alpaca and cashmere) and provide fashion items, lightings, and home fabrics.

As Mr. Murase’s concept and perspective have been highly regarded, he has launched his collections at Paris Fashion Week since 2012 and at Milan Fashion Week since 2014. He has collaborated with many brands including Yohji Yamamoto and provides fabrics to Christian Dior and other brands. His products are sold in more than 20 countries including globally-renowned stores in Paris and Milan.
suzusan HP

― Our passion ―

Kimono Yamato ― We are a brand that keeps creating classic kimonos that suit the current times with our customers and producers.

People discover kimonos in various ways at different ages.
We provide items that enable people to show who they are at the time.

Imagine the bright, proud smiles on customers’ faces when they wear this coat or this shawl.

We provide designs that do not get old-fashioned over time.

Respect for traditions and skilled manual work are behind those designs.
We believe in the power of tradition and update traditional styles to the styles that suit the current times.

Clothing only looks attractive when worn.
We hope you will love our products regardless of your age, body shape, and number that defines you.
Please enjoy wearing these items in your own style.

[Collaborative product]
Wool Glen Plaid Long Coat

(i) Olive / Gray (ii) Black / Brown

135,300yen(Includes handling fees)

This is a wool glen plaid coat, dyed using the shibori technique, that can be worn over both kimono and Western-style clothing.
As it is a collarless coat, it looks neat and sharp yet elegant over both kimono and Western-style clothes.
It is recommended you wear it casually without fastening the buttons.
A large amount of fabric is used to create the A-line silhouette. However, as the lightweight, floppy fabric with no lining makes you look attractive. It looks beautiful when it flutters in the wind, and its beautiful silhouette makes you want to twirl around.
As it is a drop shoulder coat, there is a lot of space around the shoulders, which allows you to put the sleeves of your kimono in and out smoothly.
It comes in two types that look totally different, with different areas dyed using the shibori technique and different colors.

Selected by Kimono Yamato
― suzusan Cashmere 100% Shawl

80cm x 200cm

52,800yen(Includes handling fees)

(i) Royal Blue / Light Gray (madara shibori)
(ii) Black / Light Coffee (tesuji shibori)
(iii) Black / Light Gray (tesuji shibori)
(iv) Spruce / Light Coffee (madara shibori)

110cm x 180cm

94,600yen(Includes handling fees)

(i) Royal Blue / Light Gray (madara shibori)

Large-size shawls that can be used with kimono and Western-style clothing are selected.
You can enjoy the beautiful colors and designs of shibori unique to suzusan.
This light, soft shawl is made from quality cashmere and keeps you warm.