Yamato’s furisode delivered to an overseas country.

Three sisters: Emily, Rachel, and Michelle from left to right

Three sisters: Emily, Rachel, and Michelle from left to right

Yasuko Stolzman, who purchased furisodes for her 3 daughters, has been living in California for about 30 years. She grew up in Tokyo as a child. She told us that there had been a Yamato’s store near her house back then, and she had looked longingly at the kimonos displayed in the store every time she passed by it.

The shopping district mentioned above has changed with the times, and that store is no longer there. However, we are very pleased she visited our website from an overseas country and used our online store across time and borders.

Ms. Stolzman wanted to dress her daughters in furisodes and take pictures of them together, because her youngest daughter Emily is going to graduate from high school this spring. After university classes begin in autumn, there will be much fewer opportunities for all of them to get together. So she wanted to dress them in furisodes before that.

Ms. Emily

The photoshoot was held at HAKONE GARDENS, the Japanese garden located in Saratoga, California. The scenic gardens on the hill command a view of the Silicon Valley. The gardens were used as one of the locations for Memoirs of a Geisha, a 2005 American film performing actor Ken Watanabe.


Ms. Rachel

Ms. Stolzman’s friend who used to work as a successful professional hairstylist in Japan and now lives in the U.S. arranged her daughters’ hair and dressed them in the furisodes according to their individual styles.

These gorgeous pictures were taken by photographer Kristina Rust.

 Kristina Rust Photography WEBSITE

Ms. Michelle

Thank you very much, Ms. Stolzman.

Our concierges help you choose the right kimono for you even if you live overseas.

At Yamato, concierges accommodate various needs of customers living in areas with no Yamato stores and help them online. This time, our concierge helped Ms. Stolzman choose the special furisodes for her daughters by communicating with her on the website and by e-mail.

“Helping Ms. Stolzman choose furisodes was an exciting experience.”

Yamato Concierge Yufuko Yashiro

“While exchanging so many e-mails with Ms. Stolzman, I felt excited, wondering how her daughters would look in our furisodes. I’m so glad to see them in those furisodes in the pictures she sent me. When I communicated with her by e-mail, I tried to give her various options so that we could cater to their individual preferences and demands as much as possible while taking into account that they were going to wear them in an overseas country and the rules and manners related to the furisode.
Many staff members working at the head office and stores helped me order the products that were not listed on the online store. Communicating with Ms. Stolzman reminded me of the charm and the potential of the kimono. I would like many more people to wear the kimono casually. As there are much fewer opportunities for people to wear the kimono than Western-style clothing, I think our customers are not sure about many things about the kimono. I would like to keep striving to help our customers as much as I can.”

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