Y. & SONS × THE INOUE BROTHERS launched the kimono and haori made from royal alpaca wool

Y. & SONS, a kimono tailor shop run by Yamato Co., Ltd., launched the kimono and haori made from royal alpaca wool in collaboration with the design studio THE INOUE BROTHERS. These items will be on sale at the Y. & SONS stores from Saturday, December 3, 2022.

THE INOUE BROTHERS is a brand that practices direct trade by building direct relationships with local producers in Peru and purchases fibers from them to manufacture products under the slogan “Style can’t be mass-produced.” The brand strives to increase the profits of the producers and sells its original products at reasonable prices without using brokers.
Yamato Co., Ltd, a company that runs Y. & SONS, has set “collaboration ” as the company philosophy. This philosophy reflects our commitment to creating kimonos to bring exciting dreams to life with our customers, producers that support Japan’s manufacturing, and society.

Identifying with the manufacturing philosophy and activities of THE INOUE BROTHERS, Y. & SONS has handled its products since fall/winter 2018. In addition, we invited Satoru Inoue to the Y. & SONS store, and the director of Y. & SONS visited Denmark in which Satoru was based. While we deepened our relationship, we came up with the idea of making a kimono made from alpaca wool.

After several years, we are going to release the kimono and haori made from royal alpaca wool that were born out of both brands’ passion and their bond. They come in one color, dark gray, which utilizes the natural color of alpaca wool. These items are made to measure. (Delivered approx. 3 weeks after the measurements are confirmed.)


A design studio, established by THE INOUE BROTHERS born in Denmark, that solves social issues in a creative manner. It practices direct trade and provides items made from alpaca wool and clothing made from organic pima cotton produced in Peru.

● About Y. & SONS (Website)

Y. & SONS is a concept store that thinks outside the box and offers extraordinary experience by integrating tradition and innovation under the theme of “men’s kimono tailor.” The store was opened right next to the torii gate of Kanda Myojin Shrine in March 2015. In June 2020, the second store was opened in ShinPuhKan, the shopping complex in Kyoto where Asia’s first Ace Hotel had been opened.
The brand proposes styles that transcend the conventional view of the kimono to many customers in Japan and overseas.