Kimono Care

KYOTO-STYLE CLEANING—for when you need general care

This dry cleaning method is specifically for kimono. It removes any dirt accumulated during wear, as well as stains on areas like the collar or sleeves that come from body oils. This type of cleaning extends the life of your kimono, ensuring many years of enjoyment.

Turnaround Time: Around 10 days
Price: Pure Silk Kimono – ¥7,480(Includes handling fees); under-kimono, obi, haori coat – ¥4,180(Includes handling fees)


Sweat left on garments is not readily visible, so people often overlook its effects on clothing. Without proper treatment, sweat can cause discoloration over time, and can also damage the cloth itself. If you perspire, prompt sweat removal will extend the life of your kimono.

Turnaround Time: Around 10 days
Price: ¥4,400(Includes handling fees)


The cuffs and collar are both vulnerable to skin oil stains. Trying to remove them on your own can exacerbate the problem. If there is a stain, quick treatment is crucial.

Turnaround Time: Around 10 days
Price: ¥1,100(Includes handling fees)


This is a popular and reliable choice for when unfortunate accidents occur. Our experienced artisans carefully remove stains with specifically targeted chemical cleaners and solvents. For stains that are smaller than 5cm2 and less than one month old, we recommend the “Spot Removal” option.
Turnaround Time: Around 20 days / Price: ¥7,700(Includes handling fees)
Spot Removal
Turnaround Time: Around 10 days / Price: ¥2,200(Includes handling fees)


Despite taking precautions, your collar might get stained by your cosmetics. This option is ideal if you simply need to remove foundation stains from the collar. Please bring the garment to us as soon as possible.
Turnaround Time: Around 10 days
Price: ¥1,100(Includes handling fees)

OZONE WASH—for yukata

Our ozone laundry system is designed for yukata. The ozone wash has deodorizing, sterilizing, and bleaching effects, allowing your yukata to be clean and ready to be comfortably worn in the coming summer.
Turnaround Time: Around 20 days
Price: Regular Yukata – ¥1,100(Includes handling fees), Shibori Dyed Yukata – ¥2,200(Includes handling fees), Yukata and Half-width Obi – ¥2,090(Includes handling fees)

Deodorization, Sterilization, Bleaching


To ensure your precious kimono forever maintains its original beauty, we offer extensive care services both online, and in our Yamato stores. Please feel free to enquire about our services.

Kimono Information